Updating the bathroom with the latest design trends doesn’t have to be a big challenge. With a little bit of help from professionals to handle the major items, you can focus your efforts on taking care of the finer details. 

Upgrading the Bathing Area

The biggest visual impact you can have on your bathroom is to upgrade the bathing area to a more modern solution. You can accomplish this with a tub or shower solution from BCI Acrylic. Walk-in showers are the most popular option these days, since they provide easy accessibility to the bathing area due to their low threshold. If you still have a need for sit-down bathing, We can implement stylish wall surrounds around a new bathtub.

Lighter Bath Wall Colors

Due to the advances in low-maintenance tub and shower wall surfaces, many people are opting for lighter colors and patterns for their bath walls - without having to worry about them appearing dirty or showing signs of wear.

Brass and Black Hardware

The elegant combination of brass hardware on a white tub or shower is in style again. If you like the look of old Victorian bathrooms with their ornate brass hardware, you’ll want to get in on this trend. For a more contemporary look, consider hardware with a matte-black finish to accent the bathing area. BCI Acrylic offers both finishes on our bath installs.

Ornate and Unusual Mirrors

A plain square mirror just doesn’t cut it anymore. People are dressing up their mirrors with frames and trim to give them an extra bit of flair. Homeowners are also picking out asymmetrical and unusually shaped mirrors which also add visual interest to the room.

Wood Accents

Beautiful wood shelving and cabinets are starting to make a return to the bathroom too. However, the key this time around is finishing your wood cabinets with a light stain that brings out the rich, organic patterns within it. This material is usually used on a statement piece with the rest of the bathroom decorated in white.

Bold Wall Colors

Transforming your bathroom can also mean putting in a little DIY time for painting or papering the walls. White is still a popular choice among homeowners because of its fresh and clean appearance. You can also branch out into other bolder colors during your bathroom remodel in 2020. Consider trying pops of black, green, blue, and pink.

Should you want to renovate your bathroom with the latest in design trends, turn to BCI Acrylic. We offer a range of exclusive colors & patterns for a replacement bathtub, shower, walk-in shower, or new wall surround. To begin with a free quote from our experts, give us a call or fill out our online form right away.