Lead Generation

At BCI Acrylic, we know that everything starts with Lead Generation. Our marketing team has decades of experience running digital and traditional media, call centers, and events and shows. Our mission is to help our Dealers hire the key Marketing Department Managers for their office, develop them and provide them with the training tools they need to be successful at Lead Generation.

Branded Websites

Our specific brand's websites will help dealers generate leads all across the U.S. and Canada. We've partnered with a website management company that can help a dealer with local SEO and PPC campaigns, as well as build a dealer a website for their business.

Corporate Call Center

In May 2018, we launched our Corporate Call Center. We have a Call Center Manager and a room full of callers generating leads for our dealers. We are focused on providing high quality opportunities for our dealers that have a high demo rate and a high closing percentage.

Training - Events/Shows, Call Center, Marketing Management

We provide our Dealers with playbooks on how to develop your Events and Shows, Call Center, and Traditional Marketing lead generation programs. On our Dealer Resource Center, we have multiple training videos and recorded webinars that your team members can watch to improve all aspects of each department.

Online Reputation

Our brand's reputation is the most important thing we can protect for all of our dealers. BCI Acrylic is working with third party companies to generate 5 star reviews across multiple websites. We are also training our dealers how to generate 5 star reviews at the local level.

Creative Design

Our Creative Design Team plans and organizes product photoshoots, develops ideation of R&D, while staying on top of trends, creates & maintains brand standards, directs experiential branding for dealer events and supports dealers and staff with cohesive, brand-specific, B2B literature, brochures, and lead generation materials.

Mobile Showroom

Dealers can purchase our customized Mobile Showroom to use for Events and Shows. Our Mobile Showroom has a complete bathtub, shower and walk-in tub inside, so customers can walk in and see life size wet area options.

Dealer Resource Center

We have a Dealer Resource Center, where dealers can login and download their brand's Marketing collateral (logos, product pictures, etc.) and training videos. We try to make it as easy as possible for dealers to access all of these assets on the web.

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